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12 Awesome Screensavers for Windows

Do you like screensavers on your desktop? It’s been awhile that we haven’t shared you a cool screensavers. But now, I am sure you’ll gonna love this one.

12 Awesome Screensavers for Windows that will blow your eyes away, and here’s one of them.

Eye Catching Screensaver

These screensavers are open-source created by ReallySlick

How to Install this screensaver?
Just copy .SCR file to “C:WindowsSystem32
from the .ZIP that you downloaded or you can use the .EXE Installer for easy setup, and go to your desktop properties > Screensaver Tab and choose from the Screensaver list you want to use, then Click Apply, OK and your done.

Download 12 Awesome Screensaver by ReallySlick

Want to see a demo? Check out the video below with Solar Wind Screensaver.