Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Update Successful On HTC One XL and One S

  HTC XL and HTC One S are now going to receive an Android 4.1 update also known as Jelly Bean. These are first phones to receive the successful Jelly Bean update. (more…) more

Google To Take Over QuickOffice To Improve Functions

Google recently announced that it has took over the Quickoffice which is an application used for writing and editing on the smart phones. (more…) more

iOS Devices Will Not Use Google Maps API Anymore

Apple has finally moved over the Google Maps API by simply restricting the use of the Google Maps API in its iOS devices. (more…) more

Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2 will Receive Android 4.1 Update Next Month

Jelly Bean is now available for the Google Nexus S and other phone users are waiting for the update. Other popular phones like Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 are still waiting in the queue for the update. (more…) more

Which one is Better Galaxy Nexus or the Apple’s iPhone4S

In this age of smart phones we see that there is a tough competition between the two world leader companies Google and Apple fighting for the top spot in becoming the best operating system for mobiles. (more…) more

Top Five Most Popular Tablets 2012

Here in our list we gathered the top five most popular selling Tablets in the world. Tablets are popularly growing gadgets on which we can play games, browse the internet, handle emails and many more tasks which are made easier and handy with the Tablets. (more…) more

Google To Enter The Tablet Market As A Manufacturer

Google has been giving competition to all the World leading companies and now Google is on his way to compete with the Apple’s iPad. (more…) more

Google has Now Stopped the Selling Of the Nexus Phone

Google has now stopped the selling of all its Google Nexus smart phone. All the customers can not buy this device till the time it is re-launched with the latest Android Version Android 4.1 that is Jelly Beans.   (more…) more

Chromebook Or The Apple Mac Mini

Google latestly releases chromebook PC running on the Chrome OS by Google. The new styled chromebooks are designed to compete with the Mini Mac. (more…) more

Motorola Phones Faces Ban In German Because of Microsoft Patent

Motorola is now being sued by Microsoft for violating its patent for the user interface of the Android devices. The court has further ordered to check all the Motorola devices for any violation of any other patent by Microsoft. (more…) more