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Google+ Goes Public With Over 100 Total Improvements Added

Great news, really great, folks! Google has finally opened the sign ups of Google+ for anyone. You can now join Google+ social network without need to any invites or anything. Google has also added 91 changes during the social network’s beta trial, which lasted just under 90 days, and that it is deploying nine new changes on Tuesday.

From the Google blog:

The Google+ project has been in field trial for just under 90 days, and in that time we’ve made 91 different improvements (many of which are posted here). Google+ is still in its infancy, of course, but we’re more excited than ever to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software. Today we’re releasing nine more features that get us that much closer.

You can head over to and sign up from there; no invite needed!

Moreover, Google has unveiled its plan to bring Hangouts and other options to mobile phones. Hangouts is the Google+ feature that allows you to video chat with up to 10 friends.