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You snooze, you wait

Did you manage to order the iPad before March 27? If you didn’t you will be upset as from March 27 all newly ordered iPads won’t be delivered until April 12.

That means you’ll have to wait 9 days longer, this is real tragedy for impatient Cupertino company fans. This disappointing fact must be connected with the problems sounded long ago i.e. the problems with contractors.

Strong demand for iPad accessories has also caused delays, those who didn’t buy on the first run of preorders for the keyboard dock and power adapter will now have to wait until May.

Concerning 3G iPad there are no changes in the delivery schedule so far though there is not concrete date also, it is promised to be available at the end of April.

Well, of course it’s a pity but those who didn’t manage to order the iPad in time will have to wait.