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iPad deprives waiters of their work

MUNDO Global Tapas, an Australian restaurant at the Rydges Hotel in North Sydney, first in the world replaces traditional menu with iPad. It has bought fifteen Apple tablet computers and now each client is in charge of his order by himself.

The restaurant patrons receive gadgets and by dint of special application they can browse through the list of menu items with photos, dish ingredients and choose garnish variants for their orders. When clients are completed their meal selections, they submit the order to the kitchen with one touch of a button.

In the near future MUNDO Global Tapas is going to improve its application and extend its functional in order to make it possible to offer guests to choose their meal in compliance with weather or their mood. Concerning waiters, they have nothing to do but just to bring an offer and clear away the dishes. I wonder whether it is labor force saving or advertising trick. At any rate, the restaurant will have its new wave of visitors. So, bon appetit to everyone!