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HTML5 Accelerated Acceptance Tied Directly To The iPad?

HTML5 adaption is accelerating at a faster than originally anticipated pace leading to speculation that Steve Jobs steadfast refusal to support Flash on it’s mobile devices is starting to paying off. With upwards of a million iPad owners and over 40 Million iPhone and iTouch devices in the wild it clear that websites that refuse to support the new format are losing potential revue.

As of Yesterday Several video services have announced that they have created HTML5 solutions to deliver video, among them big players such as YouTube, Vimeo, Ooyala, Kalturea, and, Brightcove.

The New York Times and Time Inc will be among the first customers to integrate HTML5, Brightcove said yesterday. The US network CBS has also started to test HTML5 for building interactive elements that integrate video streams.


While Flash ins’t going anywhere soon seeing that Flash accounts for about 75% of the market share at the moment. It does signal a shift in the way content will be provided going forward. It seems likely that media companies will offer both flash enabled sites for computers and HTML5 content on portable devices.