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Enter incorrect password on your iPad 5 times and get an emergency

The option to make calls was spotted in iPad once again. But this time the tablet allegedly can make only emergency calls.

In the process of iPhone/iPad SDK study, one developer noticed the option enabling making distress calls. Well, just the hacker who has enabled a password set for iPad, forgot his own password and entered it incorrectly, thereby he slid for an emergency call.

There are chances that this is just a remainder from the iPhone SDK as iPad simulator is based exactly on it. However, resilient optimists still hope that the tablet will be able to make calls. They say this can be possible with 3G chip, speakers and mics.

And now just imagine that when you really need make an emergency call, you have to enter incorrect password five times, just after you do this you can gain an access to this option. As for me, this is absolutely illogically, even dangerous in some situations :) and here we go again to repeat that iPad is not a telephone.