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Chocolate-covered iPad 3G

Still, there are romantic men in this world. These men can surprise with their original presents even their own wives, that seems to be impossible after many years of matrimony. One of such romantic men is Stefan Magdalinski who presented his wife with … iPad 3G. “What is unusual in this gift?” you might ask, and I’ll answer that the fact of the matter is not what did he present her with but how did he do this.

So, Stefan managed to combine a desired thing (as his wife is Apple nut and has been longing for iPad) and surprise – he covered iPad with chocolate and his wife couldn’t even imagine what is inside.

I don’t know how but Mr. Magdalinski had to hint his wife that she shouldn’t bite the piece of chocolate off at once and it’s better to look inside first. Well, I suppose he did this somehow, so let’s see a photo report:

Did you see her happy eyes? This is it, dear men, you should learn!