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Books with audio, video and chats for iPad

Penguin Books is preparing brand new book format for Apple iPad. They promise to create e-books with video and audio and even with chats between readers.

The publishing house is planning to develop e-Books in nonstandard format, not in .epub which is standard for iBookstore. Most probably that new content will be an application but not eBook. That is strange enough because Apple is going to create its centralized iBookstore. Penguin’s Chief Executive officer John Makinson noted that collaboration with companies publishing eBooks is much more profitable for publishing house than work with print. Cupertino company wants modest 30% of profit on sales while printers want a half. Though, as you know a diagram worths many words, so let’s see the books of future.

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  1. Mzungokubwa

    Why are you using a picture from a private blog, modifying it and no credits without approval ?