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Are you satisfied with your iPad?

The folks at Technologizer conducted a survey about “How happy are people with their iPads?” In order to get a reply they surveyed over 6,000 iPad owners to find out what they liked and didn’t like about their new Apple gadget.

The vast majority (98%) of the iPad owners surveyed are happy with their purchase and 96% thought the iPad was a good value. These are surprising numbers for the product which has recently entered the market.

The iPad owners were asked a range of general iPad related questions regarding their satisfaction with iPad’s capabilities, battery life, wireless service, app ecosystem and lack of Flash. The majority of owners were happy with the iPad. The only thing owners thought Apple needed to improve was the AppStore approval process.

Interesting survey details are as follows:

– over 90% of owners have 10 or more apps installed on their iPad;
– 69% feel the lack of Flash on the iPad isn’t a problem
– 62% owned a WiFi iPad vs. 38% who owned the 3G version
– 82% of iPad owners also own a Mac

And are you satisfied with your iPad? :)

One Reply to “Are you satisfied with your iPad?”

  1. Andrew

    Not happy they decided to use cracker jack quality buttons on it. My sleep key is already broken. Come on spend an extra nickel and put in real buttons. Also the lack of streaming music to airport express is ridiculous. I like it, but there are a handful of real annoyances.