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Apple Indicates Cameras Are Coming To iPads With Latest Job Posting.

A new Apple job listing strongly indicates that cameras are coming to future iPads. The company’s Cupertino headquarters is looking to hire a QA engineer for its iPad Media division, with the specific intent of testing still and video camera capture, as well as playback.

The first-generation iPad, which has yet to ship, lacks any form of camera but recent rumors speculate the camera may be added as a late addition as many bashed the iPad for not including one (However Don’t hold your breath waiting). It’s more likely a future version will include this and give users a reason to upgrade next year.

3 Replies to “Apple Indicates Cameras Are Coming To iPads With Latest Job Posting.”

  1. hkiphone

    Gulp… that’s not good news. Nonetheless, despite me not being able to do what Glenn does as claim it as a tax write off, I think I’ll be getting the 16GB + 3G one. My 1st gen iPhone has managed to stand the test of time pretty well, despite not have 3G, 3.2MPixels, video recording, compass, Nike+,, larger storage, not to mention the faster processing. I think I can live with first generation issues with the iPad too.

    Worst comes to worst, I can try to sell it onto an active second-hand market for hardware goods here in HK.

  2. Glenn

    I agree and if I didn’t own and run an website geared around them I would be waiting as well. I’m buying it day one with 100% assurance that in 120 days the price will drop or a second more established version will be announced.

    If I could not use this as a tax write off I would not be getting version 1. I learned this the hard way with the iPhones.

  3. snow_mani

    Apple needs to squash or reign in these rumors. Not sure if they can do much to control or stop the rumors, but the rumors leave potential purchasers feeling cynical about buying a first release iPad. Why buy now when you can wait a short while and get a better product? These kind of rumors have the potential to really hurt Apple’s short term sales of the iPad.