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$75 million gained for ‘failed’ gadget on the first pre-order day!

Since March 12 every desirous American can easily order Apple tablet either through the on-line store with free delivery or reserve it in the nearest retail outlet lining up as early as before dawn. Though, there are few points in the second choice:

Firstly, you snooze, you lose. That means that there works the rule of priority service for first comers that is absolutely unsurprisingly.

Secondly, iPad will be reserved only up to 3 p.m. April 3, if the customer doesn’t collect it, the tablet will be sold to the first comer.

And thirdly, there is probability that there is not enough to go round. Though, as likely as not that Cupertino company’s PR officers just keep buying craze up thereby.

However, in consideration of tremendous sum the gadget has raised on the first pre-order day, its deficit is quite possible. Valcent Financial Group analyst Victor Castroll published their monitoring results whish showed that during the first two hours there have been sold about 50 thousand iPads, this figure has grown to 120 thousand by the day’s end.

This is $75 million in money equivalent just for the first day of pre-orders, even not sales. Analysts have counted about 41.000 pcs. of reserved devices. And that’s with the assumption that these people haven’t yet kept their purchases in hands, what is going to happen next?