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Smooth Scrolling in Google Chrome

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Well, I am a Firefox Fanatic, but Google Chrome is also good browser, so i try chrome and use it for a few hours, doing the same as i do in firefox for years 😉

Oppps! wait, where’s the next line i am reading at, when i scroll the page 🙁 NO Smooth Scrolling in Google Chrome? WTF…

Anyways, Want a Smooth Scrolling in your Google Chrome like in Firefox?

There are two ways you can achieve that…

1) Smooth Scrolling in Google Chrome without extensions, yeah you heard it right…

Basic: Just press the middle key of your mouse, and when your mouse cursors changes like this; marker then you can move your mouse down or up to scroll (move it slowly)

Done! Smooth Scrolling achieve without any extensions in Google Chrome (downside, you’ll need a mouse with scroll wheel button, well, most of new models have it).

2) Smooth Scrolling in Google Chrome with extensions

Yes, this is almost the same behavior in firefox with smoothwheel

All you need is to install Chromium Wheel Smooth Scroller in your Google Chrome and close your google chrome, open it again and done 😉

you can configure it also the way you want, but the default is fine…

Hope this little tip will help you.

I’d like to know how did you set your chromium wheel smooth scroller configuration,
please comment below…

2 Replies to “Smooth Scrolling in Google Chrome”

  1. monkey for sale

    I’ve just installed this extension , it’s creamy!

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