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How to Sign-Off and Quit Instantly in Skype


Closing Skype from menu isn’t closing at all, it is just minimize to your system tray…

Here’s a quickest way to close it instantly and sign-off from skype without any roaming around those menus…

I find signing out and closing skype it isn’t that quick, you’ll have to select from the menu bar, Skype > Sign out, then it you’ll have to right-click the system tray icon to quit it entirely.

If your like me bothered with those many clicks and steps just to quit skype, then you’ll find these simple and basic tip useful 😉

To Sign-Off and Quit instantly in your Skype,
just go directly to system tray and right-click that Skype icon and select quit…
Quit Skype Instantly
That’s it, your now sign-off and skype is close permanently…

i am just sharing this basic tip, because most of an average users don’t do/know this and they leave skype running in background even if they’re not using it anymore, this is what we call a basic one that been ignored 😀

6 Replies to “How to Sign-Off and Quit Instantly in Skype”

  1. flipper

    I just want to voice the opinion that although this is the easiest way to do it, I am annoyed that when I (like many other anal computer users, especially those that have had old computers for way too long and like to kill things when they are not being used) try to be efficient with my processes I have to do something different for Skype. What I mean to say is every other program shuts down when I click the little red cross – either by default or by instruction from a setting. pisses me off. Not the place to voice this I know – but as an illegal Skype user in the UAE I am not allowed to access the Skype site and let anyone know there.
    For once I am not going to delete this 0 efficacy ego massage comment and just post it….
    cheers internet for being there to listen, or at least hear.

  2. yet

    nice tip 😉
    thanks for the share..

  3. Someone

    TASKKILL /F /IM Skype.exe /T

  4. Someone

    It’s just lame that skype makes you do this. Free or not, it’s lame. I would think it would be easy to write a small app that would kill the process …

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  6. Anonymous

    nice tutorial very easyfirst page on google search. thanks