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How To Revert Back to Yahoo! Mail Classic

You tried the new Yahoo! Mail user interface but wanted restore or revert back to Yahoo! Mail Classic then read this article how to get back to classic yahoo mail.

Yahoo! Mail new interface offers new look and added new features you can use and offers faster loading time, but still you wanted to use the old classic look of yahoo mail.

Yahoo Mail Classic Look

to get back to Yahoo! Mail classic interface just open this link:

or you can add this url to your bookmarks for quick access:

upon clicking the link you’ll be redirected to the old yahoo mail classic look, and that’s all there is to it, you can now use Yahoo! Mail as you usually do, so easy yeah?

if ever you wanted to upgrade to new Yahoo! Mail just go to the top-right of the page, look for Newest version of Yahoo! Mail or Get the newest Yahoo! Mail link.

Upgrade to new Yahoo Mail

Hope you’ll find this article useful and helps you. Thank you.

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3 Replies to “How To Revert Back to Yahoo! Mail Classic”

  1. VinnieRusso

    Hey, that worked!

  2. Carol D. Nelson

    pls no more new yahoo no ! no india

  3. Carol D. Nelson

    Hello Friend I want one like it face yellow smile old back yahoo mail classice in 2007 pls back old yahoo mail infor no india not my no [ ! ]