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Wonderful trio from Scott Sona Snibbe

Scott Sona Snibbe released three splendid applications for Apple iPad as well as iPhone versions. Though, users got used to various developers’ tricks, to their nonstandard ideas and their original realization, Scott Sona Snibbe managed to develop truly charming products. These applications present a combination of drawing, animation, art, science, and gaming. So, the review is as follows.


This application enables you to draw with stars. As soon as you touch the screen of your tablet computer, starry sky begins to move. You can draw, twist the particles into galaxies, or explode them. When you double-tap, you can change parameters including gravity and number of stars, and enable antigravity or heat. Multiple fingers and multiple people can touch the screen at once, collaborating or competing for making the best universe. Gravilux was first released as a work of interactive art, though now it is available not only in galleries and museums but on Apple devices also.

Bubble Harp

This program draws bubbles around your fingertips, recording and replaying your movements. The application is a special form of visual music: this is a combination of drawing, animation, art, geometry, and games. You can record long movements of a single point, or stream many points out of your fingertips like ink. Double-tap in the screen’s corner enables changing from single points to streams of points, and changing other parameters too. Just as in the previous application here is the possibility of collective creation.


In this game you touch the screen and release a stream of ants from your fingertips. They follow your movements because, as developers state, you’ve also released invisible chemical trails that tell them where to go. Yet, insects often lose their way and wander across the screen. Double-tap the screen corners for more information and to erase. Antograph is a combination of drawing, animation, art, science, and gaming.

And here is the video: