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Paper Toss World Tour Review

You may be one of the many 6,000,000 who have downloaded and played the free application &#8216-Paper Toss’, now there is a successor, Paper Toss World Tour!

This is a great update, in terms of levels and graphics to the already super Paper Toss game, Backflip Studios managed to come out with a revolutionary idea, which in every day life is practiced but without much avail.

The Game follows on from the free version in colorful style, with the first edition, where you play in the office with 3 difficultly levels. In the World Tour edition, you have been sacked from your desk job for slacking and flicking paper in baskets, as your boss doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for the sport as you do.

So you move on to prove yourself at the art of paper tossing, you travel the world flicking paper in 8 different exciting stages!

That’s how the story begins, and the campaign is exactly as described, you start in the far east and progress through Egypt, Germany , Brazil , Indonesia , India , Russia and the U.S.A.

In each different area the distance to the bin gets further away, so 8 different difficult levels, each with wind knocking your paper ball off course. That’s where the strategy and beauty of the game really come in, trying to flick far enough into the wind to allow it to be blown back on course. Each level has it’s only flamboyant visuals and soundtrack really are a winner.

The controls are the same as in the original, except that the wind is much more accurate so you have to be more accurate with your flick angle. So far I have found that you always flick the right distance, it’s the angle that you have to worry about.

Although something that i think should be improved, is the fact that you always get far enough &#8211- it would bring more challenge to the game, and maybe the ability to set how powerful the wind speed is &#8211- for practice.

The wind is your main adversary and it ranges from around 0.20 (barely anything &#8211- except when you are flicking really long distances) and up to around 5.80. The wind can be very challenging and frustrating but it makes the game complete.

The graphics are a huge step on the original, from what is a boring bleak office environment is now a colorful rich arena, which changes each level. In some levels for instance Egypt, the wind will blow and you will see it as in the case of a sandstorm, the stronger the wind &#8211- the thicker the sand.

This is very entertaining and definitely adds a bit of realism to the game.

The sound is much better than the original, with a differing soundtrack for each level. The soundtrack relates to the level so in Egypt there is a snake charmer song playing and so on.

Overall I have to say the game is a good pickup-and-play but not there yet in re playability., and a major step-up from the original. If you enjoyed the original this is definitely worth a look!

The Good

Brilliant Graphics and Sound

Major improvement from original

Wind system is good

The Bad

Re playability


One Reply to “Paper Toss World Tour Review”

  1. MED

    I loved the original Paper Toss. It was a great pick up and play game. The soundtrack was a riot! “Hey watch it…I’m trying to play Ragdoll Blaster on my iPhone!”…classic advertising for their other game. No people talking on this game. Too bad. The soundtrack on World Tour, while nice, lacks humor. Anyway…you must play this game in order of levels, you can’t chose the country you want to play until you unlock different levels. The gameplay itself is more difficult than the original. The graphics, needless to say are way better. The controls are a bit more polished. Nice game for a buck.