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Moxie 2 iPhone Review: Pick Up and Play Word Game Goodness

What’s the best way to sum up Moxie 2’s playing style? Pressure-less and unique. Moxie 2 brings fun back to word games in a refreshing way that will keep you coming back. Its simple style creates an appeal for the casual gamers as well as the hardcore.

Your goal in Moxie 2 is to use three rows of six spaces to make as many words as possible. It’s kind of like Scrabble in the sense that words are worth different amounts of points based on the difficulty and length of the word. If the word you made isn’t actually a word, you get what’s called a twaddle and lose some points. There’s also certain ‘Moxie Words’ which give you bonus points if you’re able to make them in your game.

You get 64 letters each round, so make the most of those letters and get the highest score you can. The game features global and local leaderboards, so beat your own score or challenge the world. The game is pretty simple in nature, but check out the video tutorial if you have trouble catching on. The sounds of the game are clean, simple and do not get annoying.

The controls of the game are simply tapping where you want to place your letter, which is logical and works great. The nice wooden themed graphics look fresh and the game itself looks fine.

I do, however, have a few complaints with the game. It has crashed on me several times on start up, which may be due to the fact that I’m jailbroken. Moxie 2 also lacks any music, which would be nice, but you can listen to your own. I also feel that the scoring system should be better explained to the user. An issue that I’m questioning is why a whole separate app had to be made, instead of an update including all the features that differentiate Moxie 2 from the original being given to the original, along with a bigger price tag.

Overall Moxie 2 is addictive, polished and challenging. It has a slow pace that’s perfect for a casual gamer playing on the go, yet it’s tough and competitive enough to keep the hardcore gamer intrigued. There’s limitless replay value, since every game will be different each time you play. The added features, such as landscape mode and a daily challenge puzzle, and enhanced looks of Moxie 2 make it well worth the bigger price tag compared to the original, if you have never owned a Moxie game before.

If, however, you own the original Moxie, I do not think there are enough features to pay another two dollars for the sequel. Check out the free version of the original Moxie to get a feel for the game. Unquestionably one of the best word games available, Moxie 2 is well worth its two dollar price if you are not currently an owner of the original Moxie.

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