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Madden NFL 2010

Madden NFL 2010 arrives completely revamped—yet completely familiar to anyone who’s played the previous editions of the console behemoth.

If your a fan of football you know the name Madden is synonymous with football. After playing Madden on every console and handled device we finally get an iDevice version and while there are some things lacking, I would say im overall happy with the end result.

Sure some things have been omitted and streamlined to make the game portable and more accessible to non-hardcore fans without losing to much, but I honestly feel the game does a decent job of bridging the gap in terms of users. With that in mind lets take a look at how the game breaks down and what we liked and disliked about the game in it’s released version.

Gameplay Modes:

Madden 2010 game currently consists of 2 single player gameplay modes: Play Now which offers instant Action, and a complete season mode that lets you play through an entire NFL season culminating in a playoff and Super Bowl run.

No online features have been included though were told a future update will bring online gameplay.


Madden 2010 uses a revamped control scheme that allows users to enjoy the game without over complicating it. Controls are handled through a virtual pad and the use of onscreen buttons. The iDevice rendition uses a new Action Control button that slows down time allowing you to touch a player and select an offensive or defensive action.

Accelerometer based viewing controls are used at the line of scrimmage to give you a better view of the match-ups. Here you can chose to hike the ball or design your own hot-route by touching a player and drawing up the play on the fly.

After you hike the ball color circles will appear over the receivers. These circles will change colors (red,yellow, and green) to alert you when your targets are covered or open. Simply touch the circle above the intended receiver and the QB will toss the ball to the selected target.

Once your reviver catches the ball they can perform speed boosts, or use the Action Control to gain extra yardage.

When playing as the defense they have an artificle barrier allowing you to line up on defense and crowd the line. This barrier will let you go offside so you can move forward and “aim” your player for a better shot at your target.

After the offense hikes the ball you can rush the quarterback and attempt to sack him. If the quarterback has already thrown the ball you can simply press the Action Control button than touch a defender near the receiver and select a defense play from the action menu.

The controls are very responsive and don’t get in the way thankfully.

What We Liked:

+ Authentic NFL teams, players, Stadiums, and licenses.
+ Full play by play Voice Commentary, EA Soundtrack with the ability to use your own music.
+ Built In Tutorial that completely explains the new control scheme, accessible anytime.
+ Easy Formation Selection menus across the top, Left and right handed Modes.
+ Action Control Button- Slow motion action that allows Jukes, Spins, and Defensive Plays.
+ Ability to lineup and select attacking angle without worrying about going offside.
+ Accelerometer based Camera View while n Huddle.
+ Draw up your own play at the line of scrimmage.

What We Disliked:

– No Career or ongoing Franchise Mode.
– No Instant replay’s, Challenges, or Achievements.
– No offensive Wildcat or customized playbook.
– No Online Play (Future Update).
– Constant in game Advertisements.
– No way to adjust difficulty levels, Which might make make the game become to easy once you master the controls.
– Slight slowdowns on older hardware.
– No audibles

Final Verdict:

Madden 2010 translates well to the iDevices, though a few features are missing it’s an easy recommendation to those who don’t go into it expecting the depth and customization level of the console versions. With an easier control scheme, and difficulty level Madden 2010 is a great NFL football experience for casual and semi hardcore gamers on the go.

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11 Replies to “Madden NFL 2010”

  1. Stewie

    The more I play, the more I feel that the passing is just not consistent. I played as the Ravens against the Titans and I think Kerry Collins threw like 14 straight incomplete passes. Some might think that’s pretty accurate for Collins, but c’mon now…. Of course, I didn’t fare much better. Flacco completed maybe 2 of 10, and some of those guys are WIDE open. I played later as the Packers against the Bears and Rodgers is completing just about everything, even passes that I didn’t think were catchable. Now, Gameloft’s NFL2010 isn’t much better with the passing, but these companies have got to get this right. Passing is such an integral part of the game. The consoles do it well. Why can’t the iDevice be more accurate and consistent?

  2. Soul of Wit

    I thought I’d comment on the new format.

    First, on the game, this is going to make a ton o’ cash for EA. They needed a hit, bad. The timing is great and the football junkies will eat it up. The anticipated multiplayer will give it another boost. This will become one of the all-time moneymakers on the app store.

    The review format is fine overall. The star categories might be limiting in some cases. For example, I run across games that don’t impress with either audio or video but excel at gameplay. How would that be reflected in the Final Score?

    Clear and concise is always a plus for reviews of app store offerings. I like what you’re aiming for. As for auto-play video? I’m always against it.

  3. Glenn

    I hear what your saying, I will address that someway here were still tweaking.

  4. Stewie

    I’m a huge Madden fan and I was floored when I saw Madden 10 for the consoles. Thought I was watching a real game on tv. I had very high hopes for the iDevice version, and it appears I may have hoped for a bit more than could be delivered. Don’t get me wrong, I like the game. This and Gameloft’s NFL2010 are pretty much on par with each other in my opinion. I like the Action Control feature of Madden, though it seems I need to keep working with it to figure out the most effective way to use it. Kicking is better in Madden, mirroring the Tiger Woods controls. I also like having a Boost button and drawing hot routes is AWESOME. But passing seems just as touchy as NFL2010 and the graphics aren’t really any better. I hate not being able to audible. I guess there are just going to be some significant limitations on this format, but I’m still happy to be able to take the authentic king of football games with me on the go. Recommended for fans!

  5. JCman7

    Same here loving the new format!!!! Its everything I had hoped for! Sorry to hear that Madden isnt as great as expected to be.

  6. greenhornet9

    i love the new format! Its really streamlined and you can get a few quick facts or read the details either way. The coolest features for me in the game are definitely the hot route and the slow motion thing. I havent played it but thats really different than any other madden game. NFL 2010 is pretty cheap though so its still a tough decision.

  7. themendoz

    I really do like the new review format, keep it up!

    As for the game, yes everything looks sweet, but I might end up buying NFL 2010 because I like the graphics and it's only 2.99! Having said that, I am shocked at how great the hot routes and the the slow motion are. Terrific job EA!

  8. Mr. Charley

    I'm digging the new format. All the information is quick and easy to get to.

    Thanks for continually finding ways to improve the site!

    Completely agree with the likes and dislikes, though I started liking the commentary, but the more I play it, the more I cringe every time I hear the same things over and over and over and over…..

    What are there? Like 7 commentaries total?

  9. Glenn

    I hear you on that, happens in all the madden games. Just a bit more in his one. However it is nice to hear some comment on a great play. I mean my wife isn't going to jump and and congratulate me on a 60 yards TD! At least the game does!

  10. Mr. Charley

    True true on all counts.

    My wife will also never congratulate me…in fact, she's more likely to ask me if I'm done playing yet…..

  11. Glenn

    I would like to introduce the new review format we are switching to starting now. Please bare with us as there are a few tweaks we will be making and adding some more eye-candy in the scoring section at a future date.

    Please let us hear your thoughts and comments on the new review style.