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Galaxy on Fire Review

You are Keith T. Maxwell, an elite pilot as a mercenary for hire after fighting in the Vossk Wars. In a huge galaxy of hundreds of planets and space stations, you must take on the alien Vossk.

The story line takes you through escort and combat missions where you can trade captured materials for multiple upgrades for your ship, from weapons, shields, and drives, and if you choose, you can purchase a whole new ship.

In Galaxy on Fire, your ship is controlled with either the accelerometer or touch controls, with the option to invert them if you wish. You have the ability to boost, which can only be used periodically, and and on the right is the fire button and a button to change your weapons.

Double tapping the button sets it to auto-fire, which is great because you can spend more time focusing on the actual battles instead of trying to keep your finger on the screen. The controls are really smooth overall, and the game also helps you aim ahead of the target, but they can take a bit to get used to,

When you come across the later story missions you will find yourself completely overwhelmed by enemies who possess ships which are basically superior to you in every way. You will have had the opportunity by this point to sell some loot and invest in a new weapon. Unless you pick the right one however, you are as good as screwed. Thankfully there are lots of save spots so you can always go back to previous levels in case you do find out that you are hopelessly lost.

The brightest point for Galaxy on Fire is when you do beat the linear story mode. All of a sudden you’re allowed access a galaxy map similar which lets you to travel to hundreds of locations. Each planet, space station, or whatever allows you to improve your ship or take on even more missions.

picture-24The gameplay is deep, allowing you to always upgrade your ship and the RPG elements, if you call them that, add a lot to this space shooter. Of course, if you want a different pace of game you can play survival mode as well.

The graphics of this game are well displayed, with great 3D details and wonderful space backgrounds. You really feel like you’re dueling out in space and there’s a great futuristic feel to the game. While soaring around in space you have a real sense of speed and shooting down bogies is a blast. The soundtrack is great too, with appropriate effects and well done music.

Once you get past the initial difficulty hump, Galaxy On Fire surely deserves a spot on your iDevice’s springboard. By purchasing this game you get a well polished game that will last you many hours. Hurry up and get this beautiful game now as it is 50% off!

The Good

Beatifully polished game
Great replay value
Smooth controls and gameplay
No lack of action

The Bad

Starts off a bit slow
Can be difficult at times
Load times



26 Replies to “Galaxy on Fire Review”

  1. B master

    This is a great game, I agree it really gets good after you beat the actual story mode. I own all of fish labs’ game,( except the wave boat one) and their all awesome!

  2. Glenn

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  3. Bessamy

    Wow, this is an awesome shooter. I like that you can upgrade. It is also a great plus that you have galaxy map which sounds awesome!

    Thanks for the review!!!

  4. jacksonitup

    this looks very cool. The video is awesome.

  5. snoboardnfreek07

    wow this game looks awesome

  6. palmer11000

    i picked up the lite version and was very pleased. the controls were what really made the game nice

  7. Master Shake

    Man I need to play the lite version.

  8. ErichD

    All I can say is WOW! This is one of those games that just brings a whole new level of playability and polish to the platform.

    I love playing space-farers on the desktop, and it looks like they might be as fun, or even moreso, on the handheld!

    Is there a leaderboard or other social competition aspect for this game?

  9. watever486

    Looks like a great space shooter! Glenn, I’m glad you guys are moving towards reviewing the better apps!

  10. coldfusion

    ive been wanting this app so BAD! The price drop almost made me get it, but i really dont have any money to spare right now. It just looks so unique and engaging.

  11. JCman7

    The storyline sounds fun. Its nice to see a game with good graphics..we need more of those on the appstore!

  12. themendoz

    As soon as I saw this game drop to 3 dollars I bought it right away. You are getting 20+ hours of quality gameplay for an incredibly low price. Seriously, it has to be one of the best deals out there.

  13. greenhornet9

    this game looks really awesome. It sort of reminds me of a 3d ev nova, just with less trading. Looks very cool.


    This game looks like it has a ton of content. Along with beautiful graphics, I hope to be able to pick this game up.

  15. vaturko422

    The graphics look absolutely fantastic on this! Probably some of the best that I’ve seen on the iPhone. The game play looks fun, but I’ll probably have to try the lite version before I buy it.

  16. geriyo

    I love the graphics in this game. The lite version was simply awesome! I’m really looking forward to the results for the winner of this one.

  17. mede

    this looks like a great space game, action packed, great graphics, i was going to buy this but it was a bit out of my price range, i think i might buy it now, great review

  18. Locus

    I am really impressed by the graphics. The early linear gameplay bothers me a bit, since I like space games that let you avoid battles and gather money on your own in a quieter system if necessary, but it still looks like a very high quality game.

  19. inogard

    This looks really great. I’ve basically heard it described as a “mini freelancer” or something. You can travel the galaxy, but it’s not animated, you simply select where you want to go and a cut scene type animation shows you arriving a the station.

    The gameplay and graphics look excellent though.

  20. hidiho

    It looks like a fairly nice shooter game…but I have too many I haven’t played so I think I will pass on this one.

  21. mdillard9

    This seems pretty polished for an air fighting game. I like that

  22. Charlie

    i think its a really great game

    graphic and stuff

    and one of the good apps

    its still one of the top 50 in germany!

    but .. the background .. looks like a pictrue xD

    but 5/5

  23. bman

    Finally a worthwile aircraft-ish game.

  24. Chumbake

    Man! You guys keep doing reviews on games that I’ve decided to hold off and you make it sound like I’m missing out. Good review Ben. I’m probably going to pick this up now.

  25. Glenn

    Well to be honest we are slowly trying to promote the better apps in general on the appStore.

    We get a ton of requests for applications that just are not that good. Most likely if you see it on the front page anymore the app has some value.

    PS I own this as well and it reminds me of wing commander. travel the universe selling items collected in battles, doing missions for people and upgrading your ship.

    The battle are done very well and the overall presentation is great!

    The iPhone and iTouch are doing quite well for games

  26. Matthew

    as i see in the video it looks great

    was a long time in top 100

    and the graphics are great i really like that devs make good-graphic games;-)