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Drop7: One Of The Greatest Puzzle Game You Will Ever Play

Drop7 certainly isn’t a new game, but it is unquestionably one of the best puzzle games on the App Store and one of my personal favorites overall. Drop7 is the perfect puzzle game- filled with strategy and a little bit of luck, it will keep you playing way after you should have stopped.

The point of Drop7 is to keep your 7&#215-7 square not all the way filled by filling up rows or columns with the number of circles of the same number. For example, in order to eliminate a 6 circle, you have to fill up the row or column containing the 6 circle with 6 circles. Each turn you get a different circle that you must drop into a column. It takes strategy to know when and where to place each circle so that you can eliminate more circles later. That might sound complicated or difficult, but it really is not and there are instructions in the game to help you.

Besides just numbered circles, there are also gray circles thrown in the mix. The gray circles must be broken by eliminating circles around them. Once a gray circle is broken, it becomes a numbered circle. After several turns, you’ll move onto the next level and a row of gray circles will be added to the bottom of the playing field. This adds to the difficulty of the game, especially as you begin to increase in level more and more. The game is over once every square in the playing field has been filled and you can no longer make a move, or if you fill up a column to the point that it overflows.

Drop7 is simply one of the most fun games you’ll ever play. It’s extremely addictive and can be played in long or short bursts. It looks great with a simple, clean style and sounds great with light background music, it’s very polished and very easy to catch onto, yet hard to get an amazing score because it’s difficult to determine where to place your circles. The game also has plenty of features. It has three modes: Normal, Hardcore and Sequence. Normal mode has no gimmicks and is simply the game.

Hardcore mode gives you less turns before you increase in level, making the gray rows come faster and faster. Sequence mode is like normal mode but the order of the numbered circles is not random, every game the circles are the same, so you have the chance to perfect your strategy and get the highest score possible. Plus the game has local and global leaderboards, as well as Facebook connectivity.

I don’t care what the price is, Drop7 is an App Store essential. Whether you enjoy puzzle games or not you have to give it a try. Games have come and gone on my iPod, but Drop7 has stayed there for ages and I still play it to this day. It is the closest thing to the perfect iPhone game I’ve ever encountered and you would be a fool not to pick this one up.

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3 Replies to “Drop7: One Of The Greatest Puzzle Game You Will Ever Play”

  1. Kizzy Penta

    This makes good reading, looking at this blog has made me think about it a lot more know and I shall make an intelligent choice about it.

  2. Gene

    I really enjoyed the the flash version, if the iPhone version is as good as you say, it’s a sure-shot. Great review!

  3. Gene

    I really enjoyed the the flash version, if the iPhone version is as good as you say, it’s a sure-shot. Great review!