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Call of Atlantis: A Match-3 of Historic Proportions

The city of Atlantis needs your help! Poseidon has become angry with his people for refusing to worship him and the city is destined for doom unless you can collect various tools to keep the city safe.

How do you do this? By traveling around the world unlocking them through Match-3 puzzles of course! The storyline is, admittedly, pretty cheesy, but the game itself will give you more than enough enjoyment for a dollar.

Call of Atlantis is a Match-3 adventure game featuring 54 levels with 7 different regions to explore. You have to go through some long and rather unnecessary cut scenes, but the actual puzzle experience is worthwhile. If I could recommend one thing, it would be a free play mode so the user doesn’t have to go through the subpar storyline and can simply get to the game.

Right now all the user gets is a one player story mode, which is alright, but free play would be nice for someone trying to get a quick game in on the train or in the car. Anybody who’s spent any time surfing the App Store knows that the Match-3 genre has been way overdone, but Call of Atlantis is recommended for anyone looking for a refreshing take on a popular genre.

The small things and attention to detail are what make Call of Atlantis different. The Romanesque music, Facebook Connect-ability, the bright, fun graphics and relaxed style of the game will keep you coming back. There are certain gimmicks in the game, like frozen or locked tiles and a timer, which make it a little more challenging, but overall the game does not focus on speed- it focuses on strategy and enjoying each level.

Although Call of Atlantis is not super challenging, it is fun and it is addictive. I’m not a huge puzzle fan, which is why I’m surprised how much I actually enjoyed this game. It’s apparent the developer put effort in on this one, and it’ll be worth your time you’re your money. It’s not filled with features, but it does bring some entertaining, Match-3 goodness to the table. And who wouldn’t want that?

If you’ve been craving any new puzzle games, Call of Atlantis fits the bill at a perfect price. Would I call it one of my favorites on the App Store? No, but there’s simply too much fun packed into this game to not pick it up. For those on the fence there is also a free lite edition as well.

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