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Ballcraft Review: When Puzzle Meets RPG

Ballcraft by Elephant Games is a simple fun yet challenging addictive game. The idea of the game is simple fling colored balls at enemy monster balls of the same color to defeat them. This simple concept adds for some extremely fun game play mixed in with challenging fast paced levels for those looking for a challenge.

When you first open the game you will notice its charm with a turtle shaped world and extremely stunning music. Right away you are drawn into the game and will want to start playing. The game consists of 38 levels in total all progressing in harder difficulty.

The main objective in this game is to achieve the highest level of accuracy you can in each level. When completing each level you are awarded with a medal based on your accuracy which you can go back and try to improve. The game also features a rewards system. For every monster you defeat you earn gems which can be used to upgrade weapons. Weapons consist of fireballs, meteors, freeze, and snowballs. These special weapons appear as balls and can be flicked at enemies to blow them up, destroy enemies in a given path, freeze them from moving down screen, and remove their color so they can be hit with any ball. You can also buy mana boosts and active zone increases.

To play the game all you have to do is fling either blue, red, or green balls with your finger from the bottom screen to the top screen. Sounds simple enough right? Well it is harder then it seems. The balls scroll fast through a zone at the bottom of the screen when a ball passes through this active zone you can then swipe your finger in the direction you wish to aim at your enemies.

If you hit a colored enemy with the correct color ball it will blow up and also blow up any same colored monsters next to it creating a chain. More monsters then appear on screen and it is your job to stop them before they reach the bottom of the screen, if they do the level is over and you must try again. You might just say can’t I keep flinging random balls on the screen? No, Elephant Games has developed a great technique where an energy mana system is used. If you fling too many balls then your mana greatly decreases and no balls will appear.

The game becomes increasingly difficult and you will be forced to plan strategically to defeat your enemies. Monsters will sometimes appear rapidly and you will fire balls really fast. This is thrilling and what truly makes this game so addictive. Enemies will then become even harder to defeat and you will need to fling multiple balls at them. You will spend time playing through the same level trying to better your accuracy or even trying to just win once. The game play may be only 38 levels but I can guarantee that you will be playing it over and over again. The art in this game is truly beautifully done.

The map screen where you progress from level to level is full of vibrant colors and graphics of this new world. The music while you are playing is intense and makes you feel like you are in a battle trying to save the world from these trolls, mummies, and skeletons. Both the sounds and graphics truly immerse you in this game and make for a great gaming experience. The controls of the game are quite simple but might be the only small downfall for this game. When I first played the game I had trouble flinging the correct ball as they scrolled through the active zone.

I would always touch the ball next to the one I wanted. Although this was frustrating at the start I soon became accustomed to it and really wasn’t a problem later on. Overall through the levels I have played I have truly enjoyed this stunning fun game. It proves to be quite the challenge but it is so addictive that you will keep trying and trying to win each level. This game is a gem in the app store that I will continue to play for a long time to come.

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2 Replies to “Ballcraft Review: When Puzzle Meets RPG”

  1. JCman7

    Thanks Glenn! Yeah its worth the buy really great, I was quite surprised

  2. Glenn

    Great Job James! Looks fantastically fun guess Im going to have to purchase this one as well!!