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5 Lucky Winners for IDM Giveaways of

As what we promised, 1 Promotional Legal Licenses to be given away to 5 lucky winners, as part of our 1st year anniversary here in celebration.

We had a giveaways for IDM announced here with the help of our friends and supporters. Thank you very much to all who participated and part of it specially to Dave from IDM.

And the lucky winners are:

  • Marek
  • Sushil Kumar
  • Vince
  • Meena Bassem
  • Chankz22

Congratulations to the winners (you will be emailed with your 1-year license, please do reply if you received it) and to those all who joined, Thank you very much guys, without your help this would not be a success. We will have another giveaways soon, if we get lucky 😉 so stay tuned for the announcements.

If you already susbcribed via RSS Feed or E-mail Newsletter, you’ll get to know it first.
Anyhow, Hope you will find our site usefull to you. Thanks again and have a great day.

11 Replies to “5 Lucky Winners for IDM Giveaways of”

  1. yet

    happy new year pud brad… legit idm key? wala na… Musta man? kauban mo ni jack sa FCB tagb. branch?

  2. Jersonnarido

    bro happy new year, naa pka idm dha? hehehheh

  3. yet

    Enjoy it guys. Its hard to get a free Legal license of IDM nowadays ;D
    and by the way, I am trying to fix my email to be able to recieved msgs. I didn’t noticed it not until your queries. thanks again, hope i can receive mail now, or atleast after 24-48hrs, I am fixing my DNS MX records (that causes the problem)
    anyhow, thanks again. if you have time please send me an email maybe tomorrow? 😀 I just want to know if it works or not. take care

  4. Sushil kumar

    thanks admin………..

  5. yet

    Guys, the legal license you got will activate when you 1st use it, and you can use your own name and email id.
    and this is what i love about legal licenses, you can ask for technical support. this is what IDM 1st priorities to answer the registered users. and I encourage you all to report bugs and other issues to IDM.
    @MeenaBassem:disqus : bro, no you cant use it on multiple pc, use it only on 1 pc.
    @75931ffcd3972ffeeb72764317c1ac45:disqus : bro, i dont know what could be the problem upon replying to my email. i’ll check my mail now..
    @chankz22: thanks bro. I appreciate it a lot.

  6. vince

    I hope there is no time limit to activate the software. I hope the 1 yr started from the date of installation and activation, not from the date of this e-mail.
    I had replied twice to your e-mail, but mail delivery failure.
    I just wanted to say “thank you” to you ,johnsphones. This is a wonderful gift.

  7. Meena Bassem

    YES . I GOT IT.
    thanks a lot bro , you’re the best 😀
    can i use it for more than one computer?

  8. Chankz22

    i have just received the license key of IDM…………wooo………wooo…….woooo……..m very happy today…….btw bro do idm offer free technical support with this giveaway and mate can i be able use my original name that is sumit goswami/email id that is currently m using in the license field of IDM?
    ps:-@other winners of idm……..please show some gratitude…… say thanx to this man @johnsphones………..anyways thanx again  @johnsphones bro, hope to see more & more interesting articles and giveaway in near future…………… 🙂

  9. yet

    license are already sent… Check your mail and do reply for confirmation. Also check your SPAM folder and add our mail us trusted 😉 Thank you.

  10. Chankz22

    yippe………wow, cant blv my eyes that i have won……thanx  @johnsphones bro……you’re very kind hearted person imo……..thanx again mate……..btw m waiting for the license…….not received yet…..but wl wait…….! 🙂