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[Giveaway] 5 Internet Download Manager 1-year Licenses for FREE

Its part of our 1yr anniversary here in and I would like to give back to our fellow subscribers.

5 promotional licenses to be given away to our lucky subscribers of for free and this giveaway will end on September 04, 2011. so, you’ll have a chance to join now until its over.

Recently, we posted a simple review on Internet Download Manager or IDM for short. and please do read it why we recommend IDM. giveaway

How to join and win?


Subscribe to our Email Newsletter by entering your email address in the box on the sidebar or click here and enter your email address, after that check your email and confirm your subscription (unconfirmed email subscriptions are not accepted).


Tweet this giveaway and share this to your Facebook profile, add your comment below with the link of your tweet and your facebook post.
Don’t forget to use your email when commenting below for verification.

Winners will be announce on September 05, 2011. This licenses are good for 1 year. Join now to win this IDM giveaway.

Good luck and enjoy.

I would like to Thank Dave from IDM Support Team for the licenses and also to Andy from TWC
Thanks guys…

UPDATE: Sept.05, 2011 9:05am

Comments/Entry are now closed… Winners will be announced in a new post. Thank you all for joining.

18 Replies to “[Giveaway] 5 Internet Download Manager 1-year Licenses for FREE”

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  2. Braj Nandan Patralekh

    i need this….bcoz i download a lot using internet download manager…it is the best download manager and i m having trial version…

  3. Raj

    Very good giveaway and i would appreciate if you can count me for this one. As per the rules subscribed to email feeds and shared on facebook
    Sorry i don’t have a twitter account. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. yet

    2 more days to go 🙂

  5. yet

    well, atleast your not paying extra bills :Dand FYI, we are the same i dont have a job also (unemployed), I just share what i can here on the web, and hoping some kind hearted donate or share a single dollar for my efforts 🙂
    anyhow, lets just enjoy what we have and be thankfull.
    thanks for ur time mate, hope you get some usefull info from this site.

  6. Chankz22

    u r welcome mate……..ur right mate…….even my frnz r using the
    broadband, m using dial up coz i cant afford broadband or even 3g(bit
    pricey in our locality)……m unemployed………i don’t have
    job…….no source of income………u know what even i hate using dial
    up…….but i can’t do anything about it……..GOD SAVE ME FROM THE

  7. yet

    I never thought dial-up still exists nowadays 😉
    and for giving us feedback about how the site loads on dial-up, that is very much appreciated. Now I really know how the site loads. Thank you very much…

  8. Chankz22

    wow nice giveaway……count me in…… m currently using FDM………BUT idm is better then fdm in many ways,ease of use,extreme download speed,The one feature which you may not find in other download managers is
    its integration with various browsers. By integration , I mean its
    ability to catch downloads from the browser…….etc…… i would really to win a license of IDM………I dont have facebook(i deleted my FB PROFILE 5 DAYS AGO) LOL…….I ONLY have twitter and g+……but my G+ IS not ready yet……..wl only post twitter status………. 🙂
    ps:-i need idm badly coz, m on dial up :(……..(downloads broke every now then)so need to resume the download everytime……..and thatz the bottom line!!/chankz22/status/109563688855404544
    btw nice site mate……..this is my first time visit in your site……….loads bit faster on my dial up…..congratz for that! 🙂

  9. yet

    confirm your subscription. check your email and confirm it or you entry will not be valid.

  10. yet

    I am glad it helps.