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Which one is Better Galaxy Nexus or the Apple’s iPhone4S

In this age of smart phones we see that there is a tough competition between the two world leader companies Google and Apple fighting for the top spot in becoming the best operating system for mobiles.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Vs iPhone 4S

Features iPhone4S Galaxy Nexus

  1. Operating System (OS) iOS5 by Apple ce Cream Sandwich by Google
  2. CPU A4 processor ARM Cortex A9 dual Core ( 1.4GHz)
  3. Bluetooth 2.1 A2DP 3.1 A2DP
  4. Service Apple Samsung
  5. Adobe Flash No Yes
  6. Weight 140 gm 135gm
  7. Screen 3.5 inch 4.3 inch
  8. Camera 8 Megapixel 8 Megapixel with more features
  9. Price starting Rs 30000/- Starting Rs- 28000/-
  10. Memory Card slot No Yes
  11. HDMI Port no Yes
  12. Front camera less MP more megapixel

However iPhone4S comes with new iOS5 which has an integrated personal assistant software that is Siri which is fluent and good. Siri is not available in Nexus. Nexus has a larger screen which nowadays a trend as larger screens are loved by the people. The phone also comes with a USB support.

Overall I would say that both the phones are very good in their own ways but if we look at the features then definitely Nexus has more features than the iPhone4S. It will be interesting to see weather Galaxy Nexus is more liked by people or not but this question can be answered only after some time.