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id Software Bringing RAGE to iPhone and iPad

At Quakecon in Dallas today John Carmack of id software announced during his live keynote that their upcoming first-person shooter and racing video game Rage will be coming to iPhone and iPad platforms in glorious 60 frames per second this year.

What we know so far about the game is that gameplay is set in a post-apocalyptic world in the near future following an impact to the earth. The racing portions of the game are said to be influenced by console titles such as MotorStorm and Burnout.

Players will be able to upgrade their cars with money won from races as well.

The iPhone and iPad editions will not lose the ability to use Rage’s “MegaTextures,” and will include 60 frames per second solid on iPhone 4 and iPad devices, though the game will run on older 2G and 3G platforms Carmack suggested the game be played on apples newest devices to get the best experience possible.

Rage for iPhone and iPad will ship later this year, and will retail somewhere between $9.99 and $15.00 on iTunes.

Check out the very impressive video below to see RAGE on the iPhone.