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Frogman by Revolutionary Concepts is Submitted to Apple

This graphically updated rendition of the Konami classic, “Frogger”, is set to breathe new life into an old favorite. With 50+ levels, online leaderboards and a variety of beautifully rendered environment, “Frogman” is sure to be a hit with the fans of frog-hopping action.

Revolutionary Concepts, the developers behind the stellar port of Cobra Command
have announced the submission of their new title “Frogman” for iPhone and iPod Touch.

In early February of 2010, Melbourne-based Revolutionary Concepts announced their partnership with Russian game developer Tangible Games to create a new twist on the famed, freeway-crossing classic. Five months later, Revolutionary Concepts has submitted the game to Apple for review, and if all goes smoothly we should see this gorgeous, 3D rendered title in the AppStore in the coming weeks.

Taking a few plot bits from the sci-fi classic “The Fly”, “Frogman” tells the story of a frog, a fly and two scientists that find themselves in the midst of a cloning experiment gone horribly wrong. Or as the developer puts it, &#8216-What can happen when developers have too many cans of RedBull and packets of Doritons [along with] a distinct lack of sunlight’.

It appears Revolutionary Games has chosen to answer the age-old question “why did the frog cross the road?” apparently it is to “&#8230-save the world from certain destruction [and] and evil fly genius&#8230- all so he can get his dream girl back to his lily pad”. While the original release date was stated to be in April, in time for the release of the iPad, the game was delayed, possibly due to the coders “&#8230-licking [frogman] in hopes of absorbing his magical powers”

Alas, this super-frog game has been submitted to Apple for review and should be making it’s AppStore debut later this month. Packed with rich, full 3D visuals and environments, over 50 levels that increase in difficulty, a challenge mode, online leaderboards and a witty, comical storyline reminiscent of “The Incredibles”, “Frogman” is on course to put all previous “Frogger” games to shame, and challenge any future revisions of the game.

“Frogman” will feature three control schemes: swiping gestures, arrows and a virtual D-Pad. Aside from the visual overhaul, “Frogman” is nearly identical to the original “Frogger” in gameplay. You will be hopping from one side of the screen to the other, trying not to get run over (or drown, or melt in molten lava) while saving helpless civilians along the way.

As the levels progress, the traffic patterns become more and more complicated, and presents new locales that have you traversing over submarines, freight trains and platforms floating on a bed of lava. While you zigzag around a any given level, you are presented with various power-ups, like slow motion and high-jump, which become essential to your survival later in the game .

An iPad-only version will be available about a month or so after the iPhone release of the game. It will feature higher resolution, smoother textures and enhanced performance.

“Frogman” is expected to hit the AppStore in the next few weeks, and should be priced at under five dollars. If you ever enjoyed a game of “Frogger” or played it and felt you wanted more, this title from Revolutionary Concepts and Tangible Games, should be a sure shot.

Check out the trailer for “Frogman” Below

2 Replies to “Frogman by Revolutionary Concepts is Submitted to Apple”

  1. Anna Shusterman

    Awesome review!!!!

    It made me fall in love with frogs all over again, can’t wait to play the game!

  2. Gene

    Thanks! As soon as the game is available I’m hoping to have a full review for your reading enjoyment.