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Yogile – A Cool, Simple and User-Friendly Photo Sharing Site

There are already lots of photo sharing sites and applications lets you share your photos with friends, colleagues, family members and anyone you care about. But, you have to start thinking about a new and easy photo sharing site. Yogile is a new photo sharing site. You can upload and share your photos, that’s what any phot sharing site can do, but in Yogile it’s about sharing function, and what you can do with it, that’s really special.

With Yogile, I can get some pictures for myself at an event and have a gallery where my friends can put their photos too. This is exactly what the service is pitched for. You can upload your photos privately or make them public. You can start an album by uploading some pictures via mail or by direct links then allow other people to contribute to it, you can also get your own URL and email address to share with anyone who would want to upload his photos to your albums.
In brief, Yogile simplifies group photo sharing and make sense for group utility. On other hands, Yogile is very simple, clean, fast and reliable. You can sign up easily by writing down your e-mail address and password. If you want it private, just include the album password (not your account password) during signup. The service is free for 100mb of upload space, after that you can get your premium account for $24.95 per year that gives unlimited photo uploads, albums and storage.