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FireFox 4 Delayed Untill Early 2011

The final version of Mozilla FireFox 4 been officially delayed by the Director Mike Beltzner. He officially confirmed this by writing some words on Mozila Dev Planning mailing lists. Firefox 4 beta 1 was released early in July this year followed by the release of beta 2 and beta 3 then beta 4 late in August. Here’s what Beltzner said.

Completing this work (on Firefox 4) is taking longer than initial estimates indicated as we track down regressions and sources of instability

Firefox 4 Beta features some great improvements as changed the all-design of this browser with user-friendly interface. This browser also supports HTML 5, it also have Hardware Accelerated HD video and most likely improved support for Add-ons. It might also be possible that this version will be more faster than older ones. We have to wait until any further notice by Mozilla for the release date of this new version.

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