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Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie Live from D8 Conference

Steve Ballmer “Microsoft CEO” and Ray Ozzie “Chief Software Architect” are live now at the D8 Conference, Really It will be an Interesting Conference as Microsoft will Answer all Related Questions for Competitions between Apple, and Google.

As an indicator of the headwinds facing Microsoft and its CEO Steve Ballmer today, two pieces of news last week are worth considering. The first, that Apple (AAPL) had overtaken Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company, would seem to signal that Microsoft (MSFT) is no longer quite the driving force in technology it once was, particularly in the consumer space. The second, word of a restructuring that will give Ballmer greater oversight of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division, indicates the company is scrambling to change this.

The enterprise space, though, is a different story, as Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie, who joins Ballmer onstage tonight, will tell you. In enterprise, Microsoft is still the undisputed leader, though here too, the company is under attack by new on-demand computing services from formidable rivals like Google (GOOG) and Amazon (AMZN).

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