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Real White iPhone 4s on Chinas Grey Market ?

The Chinese web site Giz-China has published a photos claiming that there are genuine white iPhone 4s is being sold in the China’s grey market (a.k.a black markets). Many digital retailers in China have been stockpiling the white devices due to its big profits.

About pricing, it starts from around 5500 Yuan ($828) and rising to nearly 8000 Yuan ($1204) for the base model 16Gb version and it’s higher than these for the 32Gb models. Of course these prices are more expensive than the official retail price of the regular black iPhone 4.

This type of illegal resale has been a persistent problem for Apple. In 2008, the New York Times estimated that there were 1.4 million ill-gotten iPhones in the world. At this time last year, the Wall Street Journal estimated that number had grown to 2 million in China alone.

[via TUAW]