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PS 3 ModChip is Here, Pre-Order now [PS Jailbreak]

Early this morning, we already reported you that PS3 is finally hacked successfully using a piece of ModCip, and watch out! it’s here, the PS 3 ModChip is finally available to pre-order and will be shipped by August 27th to jailbreak PS 3 and you will be able to run games without original disks.

I think that the problem of most of you would be the price as it’s available on OzmodChips for $169 and this is not a cheap price for hacking a PS3! Whatever, I think it works as guys on Elotrolado an Redboxmodds has already tested the delivered chips and it works perfect!

To get your PS3 hacked, you have to pre-order this modchip from OzmodoChips from here and it will be arrived by August 27th, after that you will need to follow instructions over at PS Jailbreak to install the backup manager which will allow you to dump games into the PlayStation! Stay tuned for any updates and results after receiving the modchip!

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