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Google Releases Picasa 3.8 with Face Movies and More!

Today, Google has updated their photo editing software application “Picasa”, with a lot of cool and new feature but the best out their is Face Movies which create a movie based around one person! not only that, but they also integrated Picnik (which is an online photo editor) to Picasa to give us an awesome Picasa 3.8 from Google!

Here’s the description of the updates in the new version,

Face Movies
Create a movie based around one person both figuratively and literally. Instead of the usual transition from one photo to the next, the images align themselves to the face in the photo. This creates an extremely smooth viewing experience which allows the person in the photos to remain the focus rather than the transition effects themselves. Check out the video below for an example of this in action.

Picnik integration
A few weeks ago we announced the integration of Picnik, the powerful online photo editor, into Picasa Web Albums. We’re now excited to bring this same functionality to Picasa. You can now use Picnik’s rich editing tools and effects from right inside of Picasa and see where your creativity takes you.

Batch upload from Picasa to Picasa WeWb Albums
With this new version of Picasa we’re also fulfilling a popular request: batch upload from Picasa right to your Picasa Web Albums account. In addition to uploading multiple photos, you can now upload entire albums, all at the same time, plus remove albums from your Picasa Web account, change the upload size, visibility and sync state of photos that are already online.

Metadata updates
For those of us who enjoy the technical side of photography, we have some nice metadata (information stored inside of your image file) updates too, including support of Color Management. Picasa will now read the metadata from your photo and present the photo in the correct color space, thus improving the way your photo displays on your monitor or TV screen.

Take a look on the FaceMovie video below from Picasa Web

You can download Picasa 3.8 from the link below for free, Picasa can upload photos up to 1GB and edit them for free on the web, just give it a try and you will like it,

Download Picasa 3.8 [Support Windows / Linux / Mac]