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Now You can Manage your Gmail from your Hotmail !

Microsoft has included some extra features to Hotmail. The most exciting feature that you can now send email from your other addresses such as Yahoo and Gmail. Early today, Microsoft announced this new feature on their blog. Now you can send more email directly from your Hotmail by any of these addresses.

In the last few months, Microsoft added lots of new features to Hotmail trying to make it the best mail service. To use the new feature, you have to validate your account with other addresses and it will go well! The ability of sending emails directly from Hotmail was already available, but now they have made it more advance for the ease of their 350 Millions users.

Today we begin rolling out a feature that makes it easy to use Hotmail withany existing email address. Just as you can use Microsoft Outlook with an address from any service, you can now do the same with Hotmail on the web.

Implementing this was fairly straightforward given the architecture of Hotmail, our POP aggregation support, and the “Send As” feature that lets you send mail from any validated email address. We just needed to tweak the way we store and look up email addresses, build the first-run experience, and we had it.

This new feature might help Hotmail to grow more and increase their number of users. There’s a great competition between Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo mail, all of these mail providers have very interesting features for their users, and as hotmail have 350 Millions users they are the leading mail providers right now. But in case you asked me about what I prefer, I would say Gmail!

This new feature is expanding to all users within days and it might take some time to reach hotmail users, but when it will be available, Hotmail will automatically send you an email guiding you how to use this new feature. Try it and tell us what do you think? [via Mashable]