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Now You can Manage your Gmail from your Hotmail !

Microsoft has included some extra features to Hotmail. The most exciting feature that you can now send email from your other addresses such as Yahoo and Gmail. Early today, Microsoft announced this new feature on their blog. Now you can send more email directly from your Hotmail by any of these addresses. (more…)...read more

Yahoo Messenger 2.0.1 Allows Video Calling from iPod Touch 4G to PC / Mac

Yahoo Messenger App 2.0 was already available for iPhone 4 as it was already been discussed here. Using the iPhone 4, we can make video calls over 3G to a PC or Mac and vise versa using this app. Now Yahoo Messenger App gets an updated to enable video calling on iPod touch 4G too. (more…)...read more

Yahoo Messenger 2.0 for iPhone Hits the App Store with Video Calling Over 3G

As we reported that Yahoo Messenger for iPhone will support video calling to PC, here it happens. Yahoo Messenger for iPhone has received a major update and it's not a normal update. This update brings a very special gift — enables video and voice calling over 3G, and not just phone to phone, but phone to computer and vice versa. (more…)...read more

Yahoo Released Yahoo Mail & Yahoo Messenger for Android

Yahoo has Released both Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Messenger to be compatible and work on Android OS, free downloads available in the Android Market, supporting OS 2.0 or newer. Here's the full press release after the jump.. (more…)...read more