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Limesn0w Unlock Tool Will Never be Real !

A few days ago we had hopes when we reported you about the Limesn0w unlock tool which was expected as a new surprise from Geohot to unlock basebands 05.14.02 and 02.10.04 on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4G on iOS 4.1, but now Geohot cut in any doubt, when he announced that Limes0w unlock tool will never be real in his website.

This will never be real. Media, understand it. ~geohot

So that, if you see any picture or video claiming the unlock of those basebands by limesn0w, they are completely fake.

We have no choice but waiting the new unlock from the Dev-team, for who don’t know, the unlock for the above mentioned basebands will be released after iOS 4.2 official release by November.

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