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iDemo: A Mirror for your iPhone on your Desktop [Mac OSX]

iDemo has been Release to Reflex your iPhone on your Desktop and Yes it’s Free. iDemo developed by guys on Plutinosoft and we Should say thanks for them. iDemo is developer for Mac OSX (till now) but they are saying that in the Upcoming version will work on Windows. Also iDemo works on Jailbroken iPhones (till now).

After weeks of work, iDemo is finally live. iDemo is a tool that simplifies real-time demonstrations of iPhone apps and games. iDemo connects to your iPhone over WiFi and mirrors your iPhone screen on your desktop, in real-time – kinda like Steve Jobs during his keynote presentations. It supports not only ScreenSplitr but Display Recorder as well for super fast framerate.
iDemo 1.0.1 is free during the beta with the intention to sell it for $9.99 within a week. You will always be able to use iDemo for free for up to 5 minutes once you’ve connected to your iPhone.
Upcoming features:
Windows version
iPad support
Mirroring via USB connection
Unjailbroken iPhone support (maybe)
Mouse and Keyboard Events

Note: If you want to run iDemo on your iPhone, You should have a Jailbroken iPhone, Step-by-Step guide to Jailbreak your iPhone posted Here.
Download iDemo for Mac OSX from Here.