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How to: Disable/Control Facebook Places

Facebook has just announced the “Place” feature yesterday, which allows you to see where are your friends and share your position with them, but this amazing feature for some of us may be annoying feature for others, so I will show you how to control or disable “Places” feature in Facebook with video and screen-shots.
Step 1:Sign in your Facebook account:
Step 2:Once you log in your account, press of Account > Privacy Settings.

 Step 3:Click on “Customize Settings

Step 4:In the “Things I Share” section you will find “Places I check in to” , click on the button in front of it, then choose “Customize“.

Step 5:You will see a pop up menu, press on the drop menu in front of “These people” , choose “Only Me” if you want to disable “Places” feature, then click “Save Setting“, but if you want to hide from specified friends, you can list them in to “Hide this from“, then click “Save Setting“.

Step 6:In the “Things others share” , you will find something called “Friends can check me in to Places“, click on the button in front of it, then choose “Disabled“.

Here you can see the video showing how to disable Place in Facebook.

[Video via lifehacker]