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Finally, New Digg is Live for Everyone

Big News! As we promised today that Digg will be live for all users, New Digg is Live for all people all over the world, It’s the new Digg version 4 for everyone in the world with an added focus on making the site better for publishers as well as users.

Now you will see a flow of invitations from people following you, Digg enables you to get connected with your friends from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. The site now has improved content submission process, New Digg is offering auto submitting links from feeds, which would be useful for most of site owners!

Digg also have new uniqe feature such as saving stories to read for later. When you log in, you will see a stream of top stories from all people as you used to! But the difference that you will see also a stream of stories from people you follow on the right sidebar of the main screen!

You can catch us on Digg and we will keep updating for new features after reviewing the new digg!