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Facebook Surpasses Google in Time Spent on Site [CHART]

For first time, Google is losing the war as users spend more time on Facebook. According to fresh data from comScore, users on the web spend more time on Facebook than Google, at the same time, Yahoo has begun to slide from the top to the bottom. As said, “If Google wasn’t already scared of Facebook, this ought to do the trick.”

At first, Yahoo was the first for lots of months, but this month, the changes are happening. The time spend on site don’t mean the traffic, there’s a big difference, of course, according to Alexa (some people considering it useless), Google is #1 in the number of users who enter the site, but according to today’s chart Google is #2 in the time spent on site for the first time. This referring to how successful is Facebook, companies will try and try to buy Facebook. [via BusinessInsider]

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