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Camera + Version 1.2.1 brings Ultra Mega Stability, Improvements, Bug Fixes

Camera + has been updated to new version 1.2.1 and the amazing thing that it brings ultra mega stability, a lot of improvements as the usability of Touch Exposure and Touch Focus features, various minor bug fixes and enhancements. By the way, it supports iPhone 4, Changelog below..

What’s new in Version 1.2.1

– greatly improved usability of our exclusive Touch Exposure and Touch Focus features so that you can now move around the controls once you lift your fingers, hopefully resulting in far fewer cases of pretzel-finger
– fixed a bug where the camera shutter button would stop functioning (again)
– fixed a bug where the whole app basically wasn’t working if you were using the app on a certain beta version of a certain OS (special thanks to the several people who 1-starred us for not being completely on the bleeding edge while we devlop… it’s payback time and you owe us stars… staaarrrsssss!)
– fixed a bug where double flash & flip controls would appear in the camera screen
– fixed a bug where there was a dead area with Touch Exposure and Touch Focus
– fixed a bug where the main screen shutter button wasn’t working
– fixed a bug where copying photos that were zoomed would result in unzoomed photos when pasting them
– fixed a bug where Touch Exposure and Touch Focus were using incorrect touch points if the camera was zoomed
– increased maximum zoom amount to 6× “You want the zoom? You Can’t handle the zoom!”
– various minor bug fixes and enhancements

Camera + is available in the iTunes App Store only for $1.99 and can be purchased from the link below:
Download Camera + for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch