Jobs and Murdochs Daily iPad Newspaper Launches Next Month

Steve Job and Rupert Murdoch’s are set to launch their iPad “Daily” newspaper application sometime during the first three weeks of January 2011.

Google Ads:

According to Peter Kafk from multiple sources at News Corp have confirmed that those hoping for a mid December launch will have to wait a few more weeks.

Since the hiring and interviewing of  hundreds of  journalists for the Daily, lots of other details about the app/service have been leaking out: The application will come out daily, and retail for 99 cents a week, it will use lots of video and it will have cool multimedia bells and whistles, including some kind of 3-D effect that lots of people are very excited about.

However the most important feature is that The Daily is reported to use a new “push” subscription feature specifically designed by Apple that allows the application to just magically appear on your iPad every morning while iTunes handles all the billing for you on a weekly or monthly basis.


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