Demolition Master HD: an explosive app

Price: $ 1.99
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AppMania offers a great explosive travel in its exciting game Demolition Master HD. The app promises us impressive explosions, learning of cosmopolises, a delightful audio and above all, it offers us a search of lost Atlantis. In addition, adrenalin and irresistible desire to win are expected abundantly. Don’t believe? Watch yourself:

Demolition Master HD for iPad is a sequel of popular game which is one of the best in its genre. There are eight locations in this version and each of them includes 15 levels. Good audio feedback is a nice feature of the app and each country has its own tune.

As the video shows, your main task is to bring unnecessary structures to the ground – or at least below a marker – with a floor amount of tries and using a limited number of well placed bombs. This is not always easy to do, that’s why developers prepared bonuses, such as a dynamite, ability to zoom in (for better and more precise explosive placement), ability to adjust the marker height and ability to skip the level.

Demolition Master HD features:

– realistic graphics of explosions and destruction;

– over 100 exciting levels;

– levels in countries around the world: USA, China, Russia, Peru etc.

– zoom in and zoom out in every level;

– listen to music from your iPod library during the game

– dynamic music;

In addition to general positive impression of the game, it should be noted that developers promise to add new countries with levels in each update.

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