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Rename Recycle Bin Option for Windows XP

I wanted to share you an old tweak i have long time ago, a tweak in how to rename a recycle bin in windows xp.

Want to rename my recycle bin name to other name like Trash or Unwanted Files but by default you can’t rename it.

Default Recycle Bin in XP

in this little tip, i will share you a patch for easy tweaking and this patch will have an option to Rename when you right click the Recycle Bin icon in your desktop.

Rename Recycle Bin

Cool isn’t it? Now that we have that Rename option in recycle bin we can now rename it to any name we want. yeah?

Just download the patch below, and Open RecycleBinRenameOption.reg and click yes to apply the patch.
If you want to Disable the Rename option when you right-click the recycle bin icon, just Open the DefaultRecycleBin.reg and click yes to apply.

Download Rename Recycle Bin Tweaks
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