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Quick Sweep – Quickly Cleans Windows Temp Files, Clipboard Data & Recycle Bin

A simple portable windows app that can clean/remove data from Temp files, Clipboard & Recycle Bin, supports Windows 32bit and 64bit.

Most of the time windows creates a temp files when we are working with our Windows PC, and also we copy & paste data, and we also delete files from time to time.

Now, I want to share you Quick Sweep created by jwils876

Quickly Cleans Out Temp Files

What is Quick Sweep?

  • Cleans out your recycle bin, clipboard and temporary files being stored. Use for a quick system clean in between use of larger, slower, more feature packed cleaners.
  • No installation required, totally portable. Store where you wish and pin to taskbar for quick access.
  • Two versions in download, one for 32 bit systems and one for 64 bit systems.
    Should work for XP and up.

How to Use?

extract the downloaded file to a folder you want, e.g. C:Quick Sweep
If you have a 32bit system use the Sweep.exe and Sweep x64.exe if you have 64bit.
Right-click the .exe file and Pin To Taskbar (for Windows 7)
If you are using XP/Vista just right-click > sendto > create shortcut on desktop

Clicking the shortcut or from your Windows 7 Taskbar Quick Sweep quickly do the task without any annoying window. So easy and handy tool.

Download Quick Sweep for Windows
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    I dont need to send it to your email. the download link is on the post itself 😉