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Windows 7 Theme for WinRAR

Windows 7 is very popular now a days and WinRAR is also the most popular archiver since..

So here i am going to share you some WinRAR skins/themes in Windows 7 Style..

This is a collection from different authors @ deviantart community

Here are some of my favorites:

Windows 7 Theme for WinRAR by k-ikki

WinRAR Windows 7 Theme 48x by spewboy

WinRAR Theme: Windows7 Default by chaddawkins

There are more to choose WinRAR Skins/Themes in Windows 7 Styles and that’s only the part of what i loved..

Hope you like them too and Enjoy!

(Note: To Download the skins just click the Image thumbnails)

2 Replies to “Windows 7 Theme for WinRAR”

  1. netbox

    Miles :
    Thanks Miles 🙂 I am glad that u like it…

  2. Miles