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Download Windows 8 Aero Metro Theme

Before we shared you a Windows 8 Aero for Windows 7, now it’s another Windows 8 Aero Theme for Windows 7 Users, called Windows 8 Metro – modded by our friend jtc42 on dA.

This Windows 7 Theme (Visual Style) was inspired from the Windows 8 Developer Preview Aero Theme, ported to work in Windows 7 OS.

Windows 8 Metro Theme for Windows 7

Some parts are modified to make it metro style and minor adjustments to make it more clean and usable theme for everday use.

This theme supports x86 (32bit) and x64 (64bit) Windows 7 platform…
I’ve been using this theme for quite awhile now and I like it. Hope you will like it also and enjoy.

Download Windows 8 Aero Metro Theme
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9 Replies to “Download Windows 8 Aero Metro Theme”

  1. alex

    how do i install it ?? please help

  2. yet

    you can set themes on your Windows 7 Starter Edition by using GUI Personalization Panel Download Link:

  3. Ian Albert Hideki Austria

    pede ba starter? 😀

  4. yet

    Im not a fan of fancy VS bro 😉 I like more on simple good to eyes VS usable and can be use for long term usage on your PC…
    so, what I did was re-create fediaFedia’s Win 8 VS for Win7 and jtc42’s Metro together 😀
    its not a vs that can rock everyone’s world but I’m sure some people will like it, like me… Hahah…
    anyways, I’ll be posting it soon enough, just finishing up some minor adjustments and permission request from fediaFedia when Im done with it and ready to publish, request also goes to jtc42..
    Thanks for supporting bro. have a great day.

  5. Chankz22

    Im doing a windows 7 vs this past days 😀
    m i heard it correctly………wow…… love to try it asap…..finish your work fast bro….try to release a beta version or a preview in D-ART, so we can comment and appreciate Ur hardwork.
    ps:-last but not the least-“” for life……….. 🙂 waiting for more n more interesting articles/tips-tricks/tutorials……..cheers…. 😀
    ps2:-btw am extremely sorry guyz(PARDON me) if somehow i hurt your feelings,i am not mean to do that but this is the way expressing my actual feeling! 🙂

  6. yet

    Yes u are right bro! its 100% correct, they only comment if you are giving giveaways, they dont leave some usefull tips in mind that related to the topic or even just to say thanks or ask some question or what they want to see (tutorial or tips)
    The IDM giveaways is only my test if how people interact in my site.. 😀
    that’s why i didn’t post consecutive articles for the past weeks, coz i want to hear from our fellow friends/subscribers..
    anyhow, that wont stop me for continuing this site… I’ll still be posting more on customization soon, actually, Im doing a windows 7 vs this past days 😀 and hopefully i will post it here soon. waiting for permission requests.
    and for you bro, I thank you very much for supporting our site, and I hope it will be usefull to you. take care bro.

  7. Chankz22

    off-topic:-u know what bro i saw most people wl only comment  if u post a giveaway or promote something.They don’t EVEN bother to comment other interesting topics…….i don’t know why 😛 it’s the same lame problem of every household software review/giveaway websites…….. 🙁 greedy ha……common guyz please try to post a simple comment(whether u like this article or not)……don’t be quiet……a simple thanx wl do great! thanx 🙂 [correct me if i am wrong]……cheers! 🙂

  8. yet

    its a pleasure to share something that is usefull to everyone 😉

  9. Chankz22

    looks nice….wl try………thanx for the share johnsphones bro! 😀