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Internet Explorer 9 RED Wallpaper

As per request to my previous ART work IE 9 Series Wallpaper, my friends and visitors emailed me and as a gift to all of you this coming new year 😀
Here’s Another Internet Explorer 9 Wave in RED

Internet Explorer 9 Wave RED Wallpaper

Availabe Sizes:
1920×1440 Standard Screen
1920×1200 Wide Screen

Download Internet Explorer 9 RED Wallpaper
Download Hits: 744 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 1.01 MB

Happy New Year to everyone!

5 Replies to “Internet Explorer 9 RED Wallpaper”

  1. dreamscene video

    Nizza Beitrag, Bro!

  2. netbox

    Thank you 😉
    Yeah soon bro i will create new screensavers, just give me time 😀
    you can also check our screensaver categories…
    Enjoy it.

  3. nasty_amiel

    Ur welcome bro! if you have spare time pls do upload more windows 7 screensavers! lupet nun Windows 7 Compatible Sticker Screensaver i really love it! un gamit q now sa laptop q! thumbs up!

  4. netbox

    Thanks a million my dear friend amiel 😀
    Salamat sa pag-supporta sa kapwa katufors at sa site ko, dont worry i will upload Windows HQ Wallpapers ( I need to ask permissions to the creator 1st before posting it here publicly )
    again thanks and happy new year bro amiel..

  5. nasty_amiel

    aw looks good at my desktop! happy new year bro! Keep up the good work! pls upload windows 7 hq wallpapers too! thanks in advance! katuforz rules!!!!