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How To Access Advanced System Settings Quickly in Windows 7

Access Advanced System Settings quickly from Start Menu or create a shortcut for easy access in your Windows 7 PC. Most of the times we configure our Windows 7 performance settings from Advanced System Settings dialogue window through right-clicking Computer icon from your desktop or from the Start Menu and choose Properties, and on the Computer properties window, on the left pane of the window we are going to click Advanced System Settings after clicking that link, Advance System Settings window will pop-up, from their you can go through Adv...read more

Empty Recycle Bin via Windows System Tray with MiniBin

Access your recycle bin from your windows system tray or empty recycle bin with a simple right-click from system tray. What is MiniBin? MiniBin is a free recycle bin for your Microsoft Windows system tray area; the area next to the clock in your taskbar. You can also set it how many seconds to check your recycle bin and adjust the time frequency of your desire, the lower the time frequency it checks the higher the CPU usage. I set it to check my recycle bin for 180secs. (every 3 minutes). More info and customization guide from the minibi...read more

Remove Old System Restore Points in Windows with CCleaner

System Restore Points are backup points which we can use to restore our system to an earlier state, if we experience problems after changing system files, installing apps that causes our system to failure. But having too many restore points also can make our system sluggish and can even cause a slow down to our system, and also consume a lot of disk space in our hard drives. So, removing some old restore points can gain up a bit of space or even make your system loads fast. CCleaner can also remove your old restore points, but you should take ...read more